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【5784 Sukkot 住棚節慶典】9.29-10.1 @四四南村<活動預告>

中秋節 X 住棚節 千年文化再度相遇








中文撰文 / 何毓書

§ 文化節目 §

"2023: Sukkot and the Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan"

This year we are delighted to witness the convergence of two important cultural celebrations — Mid-Autumn festival and the Sukkot Festival! Both festivals share a common culture of thanksgiving for the faithful providence of God, and joyful gatherings of family and friends to celebrate the harvest!

Sukkot — one of the three pilgrimage festivals of Israel — pays homage to a time when God guided their ancestors from Egypt through the wilderness towards the Promised Land. Temporary abodes known as "sukkahs" are erected for seven days of outdoor living, where families eat, drink, sleep, sing, and pray within make-shift tabernacles under the canvas of a starry sky.

It is a holiday where people cherish quality time with family and friends, a time for thanksgiving, a time to embrace the fragility of life and nature, and a time to contemplate the transience of earth and the hope of an eternal heavenly future!

As the synchronization of Lunar and Jewish calendars have led to Mid-Autumn and Sukkot festivals being celebrated at the same time this year, we cherish the cultural confluence as well as the common values of harmony, unity and gratitude.

With representation from the Indigenous, Jewish and Chinese communities living in Taiwan, may this multi-cultural and multi-ethnic celebration of Sukkot and the Mid-Autumn Festival serenade the world with a song of peace, and be a testament to our rich cultural and historical tapestry that embraces all humanity! (by Ginny Hu Chien)

§ 特別感謝 §

§ 特別感謝 §

好日市集、The Taiwan Jewish Community、artrue 正藝美學空間、

Boaz 波阿斯、Wave Jaffa Cuisine Lab、一件美事

台灣基督長老教會泰雅爾中會山光教會 賴安淋牧師與團隊

Melody Hwang 黃友聞 & 美樂地家庭

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